Bottling and labelling

South Australian Wine Bottlers (SAWB) owns and operates a state of the art bottling facility in Beverley, South Australia. Strategically located close to the Outer Harbour port facility, the bottling line comprises brand new Bertolaso equipment from Italy and is capable of bottling up to 6,000 bottles an hour. At this facility we can also blend wine to suit your customers’ requirements prior to bottling.

No longer do you have to think about ordering, wastage or running out of dry goods – At SAWB, we take care of everything for you. 

SAWB stock and supply a wide range of packaging materials, approved by the Australian Packers Association.

Our dedicated winemaker provides technical support to bottling operations for pre and post bottling analysis, as well as analytical support for all cellar adjustments.

Our purchasing team is there to support you, sourcing dry goods at the optimum price and quality that best suits your brand.

  • Glass – the full range of OI and Orora bottles
  • Cartons – a range of plain cartons in both 6 x 750ml and 12 x 750ml
  • Dividers – cardboard 160mm and 275mm tall
  • Capsules – we can supply plain capsules in polylaminate, tin or in screw cap from a range of approved suppliers
  • Cork – we offer printed or plain cork from 1 + 1 to Ref 1, 2 and 2/3 natural cork. Printed corks are made to order and take approx. 2 weeks
  • Screwcaps – we offer printed or plain screwcaps.  Printed screwcaps are made to order and take approx.. 6 weeks

We perform extensive quality control checks on line during bottling and packaging process with a dedicated quality control person on each shift.

  • Extensive sterilisation and sanitation processes and microbiological verifications.
  • Dissolved oxygen, alcohol, sulphur, PH and TA
  • Screw cap torque and bubble testing
  • Average fill volume checks
  • Vacuity (headspace) measurement
  • In bottle vacuum checks (cork closures)
  • Label gap and height checks
  • First complete carton, total inspection against work order


Need more information?

To discuss your Bottling and labelling needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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