Buyer’s Own Brand

A ‘Private Label’ or ‘Buyer’s-Own-Brand’ is a bottle label or brand owned by and produced exclusively for the client. The wine and label design is chosen specifically by the client who will promote and sell the product as their own exclusive brand.

Our team at South Australian Wine Bottlers (SAWB) are specialists in the design, production and implementation of Private Wine Labels into the international and domestic market.


We successfully help Private Label clients to build value and equity in their own wine brand by:

  • supplying quality wine at an agreed price point;
  • designing a label (if required) or choosing one from our extensive private label portfolio;
  • overseeing the production and printing of the label;
  • providing bottling, production, labelling and distribution logistics.
  • with sales and marketing assistance;
  • providing logistic solutions for both bulk and bottled wine; and
  • ensuring an ongoing supply to suit the client’s demands.
  • We manage the label process from start to finish including all AWBC approvals.




Need more information?

To discuss your ‘Private Label’ or ‘Buyer’s-Own-Brand’ needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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