Winemaking & Technical Assurances

South Australian Wine Bottlers (SAWB) is an accredited bottling company. Thus, it is our responsibility to maintain compliance to ensure our title as a world-class bottling facility is upheld. We run on-line checks every 15 minutes to ensure the machinery, packaging and wine itself maintains its prime condition throughout the whole bottling process.

The Laboratory is able to provide pre-bottling and post-bottling analysis on our wine, as well as client supplied wine. Our Quality Assurance Manager also checks label heights, polylaminates, screwcaps and packaging during the entire process, to ensure the end product meets your high-quality expectations.

SAWB is also able to offer winemaking services, where we help you blend your wines on site, while adding to and managing the wine to ensure it has the best possible taste. At SAWB, we pride ourselves on our ability to carefully and consistently produce wine that meets the needs of unique target markets, both in Australia and overseas.

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